Fish & vegetables year round


Next time you’re in the supermarket, read some labels on produce and fish. They are likely shipped from thousands of miles away, with no knowledge of how they are grown, and who grew it. Our Aquaponics Facility brings the farm to you! We grow pristine fish and vegetables, 12 months a year. Our food is impervious to climate change, transportation costs, and supply interruptions. We control the value chain from inception to finished product, and deliver within 48 hours of harvest. We provide good paying jobs with a future.

How does aquaponics work? See video below:

Courtesy of the Conservation Fund


Clean, fresh water is a major challenge to growing cities. Our Nanobubble technology can remove organic and non-organic waste through tiny charged oxygen bubbles that promote organic bacteria and destroy chemicals and metals. We will use this for treating intake water, enhancing plant and fish growth, cleaning the facility, and to retard spoilage in processing. Water remediation made easy, with no chemicals!


Alternative energy is the key to arresting climate change. Who needs fossil fuels when we have the Sun? Vacant lots and brownfields can be planted with solar farms and microgrids, providing local power to supplement and replace the local power plant. We will provide the majority of our energy needs through solar and biogas generation, using the plant waste as fuel. It’s clean, local, and resilient.