Urban SEA is a sustainability toolkit of profitable businesses that will create self-sufficiency and stability in any urban core. The twin challenges of population growth and climate migration will drive the need for essential services in urban areas. We support the basics; food, water, and energy. We partner with local communities and governments to assess present and future needs, then tailor our offerings to fulfill them. You get what you need to solve your challenges, and create dozens of good paying jobs for citizens in the process.

Aquaponic Food Growing Facility – We grow beyond organic vegetables and fish in a state of the art facility that operates with a 12 month growing season. We use a biomimicry model - the fish waste becomes nutrient for the vegetables, and they in turn help clean the aquaculture water. Additionally, we can sprout small businesses in the surrounding neighborhood through satellite grow out aquafarms for different seafood species. We hatch and grow out the juveniles, send them to the grow outs to mature, then the harvest returns to the main facility for processing. The local operator profit shares with Urban SEA.

Water Remediation – Bubble Alchemy can clean any contained body of standing or flowing water without chemicals or filters, by using tiny, ionized bubbles! It’s safe, effective, and jump starts the natural remediation processes that have been overwhelmed by human pollutants.

Alternative Energy – We create the energy that we use through state of the art solar arrays, and a biogas generator that turns organic waste into organic methane and carbon dioxide, which we sequester in our vegetables to promote growth.

All of our businesses have a near zero carbon footprint for energy. They are zero waste – all waste is converted to salable commodities, or used for energy production. Bubble Alchemy cleans all our water, so we have zero discharge, and low water needs once the operation is initialized.

Our intention is to hire as much of the workforce locally as possible. We will hire veterans and differently abled people. We will offer ongoing training, and promote from within. We will train key personnel for future facilities.

We will support and supplement the school system STEAM program, and offer internships and work/study opportunities within the facilities. We want to grow the next generation of urban farmers alongside our fish and vegetables!

Urban SEA is a good community partner, and will begin any proposed facility with a community assessment, education, and onboarding process, to assess needs and opportunities. We can also offer re-development of housing and retail in the neighborhood through our development partner, Lehr Jackson and Associates. Any building project would employ green building and materials principles. Low and moderate income pricing ensures that residents move up, and not out of their neighborhood.

We anticipate large Federal program initiatives in post COVID stimulus, infrastructure, and Green New Deal. Urban SEA is well positioned to satisfy those initiatives. We are dedicated to restoring America’s cities for generations to come.