1. 1. Essential needs satisfied Locally. No more dependence on long supply chains. Farm to table under 30 miles. Energy generated locally. Fresh water remediation.
  2. 2. Beneficial to local economy. Permanent, fundamental industries that cannot be outsourced.
  3. 3. Jobs with a future. All our businesses are 21st Century high tech enterprises. We will train our employees, place them in future facilities, and compensate them equitably.
  4. 4. Low impact on local infrastructure. We generate most of our power, and clean and re-use most of our water. We re-use most waste, and employ regenerative practices throughout the value chain.
  5. 5. Our businesses are profitable. Who doesn’t need fresh food, clean water, and renewable energy? Our steady revenue makes us a reliable tax contributor to the city.
  6. 6. Education enrichment and internships. Urban SEA is value added to any local school system. The children are our future, and we must prepare them to thrive in the challenges ahead. Our STEAM tie-ins and internships provide that opportunity.
  7. 7. Community involvement and consultation. Before we buy the land for any facility, we make sure that the community wants us there, and work with them for full engagement and buy in. They continue to provide input through a community advisory board, and we provide facilities and support for community activities.
  8. 8. Climate resiliency. Local production, a 12 month growing season, low infrastructure demands, and protection from the ravages of climate change means that we can feed, power, and provide clean water to the population in any disaster.
  9. 9. Economic cycle resiliency. Because our business offerings are essential, they are immune from the boom/bust cycle of late stage capitalism.

The future of farming is indoors, urban, and vertical. Come grow with us!